"Failed to bind single-port" on fresh install

Hi there!

I’m trying to set up Jitsi Meet on a fresh installation of Ubuntu 18.04.4 using the Quick Install guide. I’ve followed all of the steps, including the advanced configuration steps, since I am behind a NAT (I’ve also set up port forwarding).

After completing the steps in the guide, multiple users are able to connect to the same meeting room, but no audio or video is transmitted. /var/log/jitsi/jvb.log shows an “java.lang.Exception: Failed to bind single-port” error.

Other forum posts have said that this can be caused by another service (like Webmin) binding port 10000, but I’m using a completely fresh Ubuntu install and following every step in the Quick Install guide. nmap shows that port 10000 is closed.

I’m fresh out of ideas. Does anybody have any suggestions?

Thank you!