Failed to access your microphone

I am doing some basic tests with iframe api. I have an nginx server installed locally. When I hit the player with http://localhost/player.html, everything seems to work. The player is loaded in my chrome browser, I am asked for proper permissions related to the microphone and the camera.

Now, if I hit the nginx server via my notebook IP address, some weird things happen: I am able to load the player, the microphone and camera are turned off, I am not even asked for permissions, and yet I cannot enable them. I get the yellow error message: “Failed to access your microphone. Cannot use microphone for unknown reason. cannot read property ‘getUserMedia’ of undefined.”

I am using the default jitsi iframe example provided here:

Any clue?


In order webrtc to work in any app in a browser you need https, it does not work when using http.

Thanks. That made my day.