Failed to access your camera using firefox 69.0.1

When I use Firefox 69.0.1 I Jitsi meet cannot access my camera. I have a Logitech C920 webcam. I have been trying for over a month now to find a solution. I have contacted Firefox and Logitech and I have tried their suggestion, but the issue still persists. About a month ago I was able to access Jitsi meet in Firefox without any issues.
I have contacted the webmaster of the site using Jitsi meet, but he cannot figure out what the issues are either.
I can open a webcam test page using Firefox and the webcam work okay. The webcam works just fine when using Chrome.
I am hoping you can offer a solution. The website using Jitsi meet is
Thank you

Does it work if you try it on

Hi damencho, no, it does not work on
I get the same message “failed to access your camera”

If it works here and doesn’t work on, the issue is fixable. If this the case maybe upload here the js console logs from a failed attempt from and someone can look at it when time permits.

Hi damencho,
I was able to access Room: 904961560 okay. How do I get the js console logs?

Hi again,
I just added this to Firefox:
And now I am able to log in to Jitsi meet. I do not understand any of this.

Thanks for your help.