Failed to access your camera/microphone on IOS

Hi, I have hosted jitsi on my server and been using it with no problem. It also works on android mobile browser but it doesn’t seem to work on ios mobile browser. However works flawlessly on ios mobile browsers, even on safari. What am I missing in my installation ?

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I face the same issue. One week ago I created a build to testflight which is still working, but I cannot find the issue with ios that popped up suddenly with camera/microphone. I did check to include past version of lib-jitsi-meet in package.json, but did not change it. Hopefully, we will find the issue soon :slight_smile:

So here is the thing now. When I requested desktop site on safari/Iphone. It works. In firefox, it works but fails to access camera and audio. On chrome it doesn’t work at all, getting an error like we don’t support your browser. All in all, at least iphone users can connect although the quality is not great and video most of the time stucks, there’s no problem with the connection and audio. When I joined the meeting on desktop while my friend was on mobile, he didnt have any problem seeing my screen share. So, it’s not perfect but at least works, which is good.