Failed to access microphone alert. Please help mute / unmute. 1000 thanks

Please see my prt-screen: the yellow bar: Failed to access microphone. And on the top right, near my name: I appear muted.

I can not mute / unmute myself. Can you please help? Thank you very much.

This is what I posted a week ago - without having received any answer: Hi, I am new; not sure if this is where I should / can ask my question: I used Jitsi once; from the web; started a conference; it went well … When I came back and tried another call, it said it can not access my microphone for unknown reason. My correspondant said: looks like your mike is muted. I tried to un-mute myself but it says: Failed to access your microphone ! How can I fix this; and un-mute myself. Thank you very very much. So sad to have to stop my “investigation” in this alternative to zoom


This issue is becoming much more common with time, can it be resolved once and for all please?

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