Failed to access camera on mobile browser (android+iOs)

I have a manual install running on aws ec2 ubuntu instance.
Its working all fine with desktop browsers even with more than 2 people.

But I am required to open it in mobile browsers, which is giving problems.

Stuff I already tried:
Setting disableDeeplinking: true in /etc/jitsi/config.js
adding return false; before “android”===r.a.Os in /usr/share/jitsi-meet/lib/app.bundle.min.js
tried on opera,safari,googlechrome and duck duck go
When browser asks for permission, I allow everything, but still I get failed to access camera.
voice is working just fine

Please help. ty!

I’ve tried opening and creating a meeting room there on phone, and it works just fine, which tells me that this is possible.

If someone can point me to a guide explaining how to properly setup mobile browser support with manual installation that would be nice.

I haven’t found any from my searches.