Facing issues with rejoin

Hi all

i have setup of jitsi in my aws and trying to configure it for two person only

but for that i want to create a static id for that particular user

like once user joined the session of 30 minutes which i have created but for the some reason he closed his tab and then if he is trying to join the same user then he is joining as new user with new id

so is there any other option from i can assign the static id to the user and i can save that id into my database and if that user have his remaining time in between 30 minutes so user can rejoin with same id

if anyone have solution about this please help me out i am trying to resolve this from last some days but never get any success

Have you considered using tokens instead? You can assign an expiration to the token and the ID will be irrelevant and you don’t need to worry about reconnects.

actually i have to apply the limit of joins like the user have joined from one device and he is trying to join from another device so i dont want to allow that user to join with another device if user wants to change device then he have to left the session from running device

i want to apply this logic with my code so trying to resolve but not getting any solution

You would need to write a custom prosody module for that.

i am new with this so how can i write the module if you have any example so it would be very helpfull for me

thank you in advance


You can checkout Jitsi’s prosody modules as examples - /usr/share/jitsi-meet/prosody-plugins/

Don’t we have any other option regarding this so i can do it in simple way please let me know if it is possible

thank you in advance

Why don’t you try @saghul’s suggestion?

Because it will not fulfilling my requirements

This seems to be an “xyproblem” style of situation: https://xyproblem.info/

I’d say you should start by detailing what you are trying to accomplish. Then we can better help you.