Facing issues in configuring lib-jitsi-meet Api (low level)

let opt = {
  serviceUrl: '//jitsi-meet.example.com/http-bind',
  bosh: '//jitsi-meet.example.com/http-bind',
  hosts: {
    domain: 'jitsi-meet.example.com',
    muc: 'conference.jitsi-meet.example.com',
    anonymousdomain: 'guest.example.com',

this.connection = new JitsiMeetJS.JitsiConnection(null, null, opt);

this.connection.addEventListener(JitsiMeetJS.events.connection.CONNECTION_ESTABLISHED, this.onConnectionSuccess);

this.connection.addEventListener(JitsiMeetJS.events.connection.CONNECTION_FAILED, this.onConnectionFailed);
// connection.addEventListener(JitsiMeetJS.events.connection.CONNECTION_DISCONNECTED, disconnect);


const confOptions = {
  openBridgeChannel: true

let room = this.connection.initJitsiConference("conference007", confOptions);


onConnectionSuccess(data: any) {
console.log(‘onConnectionSuccess------------’, data);

onConnectionFailed(data: any) {
console.log(‘onConnectionFailed------------’, data);

Getting this error after above code in angular:

Do you see the requests going towards Prosody? Check the network tab?

yes it is, but failing

Check your proxy config, is the request reaching prosody at all?

Where can I check it?

Check in your nginx logs and your prosody logs.

sorry, But I’m not getting what you want to say.

Can you give me a detail doc or video on “How to use jitsi
in angular app so that I can create a conference, Join it etc”?

Thank you for the help

No, I can’t create a tutorial, sorry.

Your Jitsi Meet setup needs to actually work before you start to do anything with Angular or whatever other framework.

Looks like something is not right between your Nginx and Prosody servers. You need to debug that first.

The simplest would be to install Jitsi Meet and ignore its frontend, in case you are developing your own, but the backend components are configured out of the box.


I thought this 6 steps are all I’ve to follow & Jitsi will work in angular.

Can you provide me a doc or some thing like that from where I can get how to configure backend & all.

You can use that yes, but what backend are you connecting to?

For example lets take node js

I don’t even understand what you are trying to do, sorry.

I just want to schedule meeting & send links for invitations to emails.

Through which participants can join the meeting.

This should all be done on my website(invite link should be also of my website), is it possible with Jitsi? If yes, how?

So, how is this related with jitsi if the landing page is your website? Your landing page can create, send and control the invite and redirect the users to jitsi at the right time.

How can I create a Jitsi invite from my landing page? Do Jitsi provide some functions for it?

The meeting link has a very simple format:


meeting-id is a random value that you can create as you wish. For example meet-2342

“your.jitsi.server” is the thing where I’m stucked.
How & where it will get to me?

Do you have your own jitsi server?


Which jitsi server do you use?