Facing an issue in Jitsi PIP mode close button

Hello , I am facing issues in audio calling pip mode in IOS devices and simulators. The UI and functionality is not as required. I am using Xcode 14.1. This is a blocker for us. Please help us to resolve these issues as soon as possible.
Please refer following screenshot.

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What exactly is the problem you’re having?

Previously the close button was working fine in iOS. But now, the ‘Close’ text is showing instead of ‘x mark’ button in the top left corner of the audio calling box (when in pip mode) which is outside the box and unable to perform any function ( user interaction disable ). Please refer shared screenshot.

Were you in the prejoin screen?

This is happing after joining the audio call and minimise the screen.

step 1: join audio call
step 2: minimise the audio call screen ( in PIP mode )
following screen will appear.

Can you share a screenshot before you minimize it?

case 1: after joining the call
(maximised screen)

Please refer above screenshot

@Calinteodor can you pl test this with our PiP SDK tester app?

@ManishaVashisth First, thanks for the report! Second, I am unable to reproduce this issue.

Are there some steps that I missed?
PiP seems to work fine for me.