Face Recognition

Hi All!
I am a student and working on applying Face Recognition on Jitsi Meet video. I have a custom installation of Jitsi on AWS cloud. Can anyone please suggest me how can I access the video from form Jisti meet so that I can use face recognition code on it.

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Take a look at the ‘Background blur’ effect. It already does some facial recognition - uses it to distinguish between face and background.

Thank you Freddie!

I appreciate your immediate reply.
Yes, I am aware of Background Blur effect, but I am trying to implement ML models on the video stream in order to provide facial recognition and identification and may be facial expression analysis. So I would like to have a handle on the video stream itself.
I am new to Jitsi and will highly be obliged if you can please show me how can I have a handle over the video stream for this usecase.

So interesting your oroject, would like help u

I am trying to achieve something similar. Have you figured out how to do it?