Face Centering causes page reloads on mobile browsers

Some of our users using mobile browsers were reporting that the meeting tab was reloading after a minute or so into a meeting, but worked fine on desktop browsers. I managed to repro this on iPhone 11 using bother Chrome and Safari browsers. Did not see any error logs in console just before reload, and nothing amiss in prosody/jvb logs.

This happens with latest stable release (2.0.7287) and the previous (2.0.7210), and it took me a while to work out that this is related to the new awesome Face Centering feature. No more reloads once I set faceLandmarks.enableFaceCentering: false, or if I increase captureInterval from default 100 to 1000.

Anyone else seeing this issue?

P.S. just noticed that face centering is disabled on meet.jit.si, and enabled on beta.meet.jit.si but with a much larger captureInterval. Does this mean it is a known issue?

But that is not supposed to be enabled by default. Did you enable it on purpose?

Once we believe it is ready, we will start with enabling it on meet.jit.si (and in the code). Yeah, the default in the code is 1000 and I think it is a typo that it is 100 in config.js, as those are supposed to show the defaults.

I did. It was too awesome to resist :laughing:

Makes sense. Thanks!