External service uptime monitoring

Hello, I’ve just built a Jitsi meets server with two extra video bridge servers to split the load - which is all working well.
I’m wanting to set up port uptime monitoring so that I am alerted if there are any issues with the stack, rather than being told about it when someone finds it broken.

I’m using appbeat to monitor other services on my servers, they let me set up custom TCP, UDP and HTTP checks.

I’m just not sure what checks to set up. I want to monitor as many services as I can.
I imagine I’ll need some services like prosody will need fairly custom checks.
I also imagine the video bridge only servers will also need a custom check.

Has anyone else done this? or found any resources around setting up external uptime monitoring?

Check it with curl -v http://localhost:8888/about/health

Check it with curl -v http://localhost:8080/about/health

Thank you, I’ve set that up, I assume you’re using curl -v to confirm 200 response code?
There isn’t any response data returned from these endpoints.

Also, how open should these ports be? is it OK having them open to the world? or should I lock them down to appbeat monitoring IPs?

Yep, status code. Use them internally only for your deployment, don’t open those publicly.