External Jitsi API questions

Hello Jitsi community!

First off I’d like to say Thank You to the hard working team at Jitsi, it really is impressive what you guys have done.

Secondly. I’d like to get some questions answered regarding the external api

First a little background. I am in the development process of a 1 on 1 chatting application where users will have their own private “sessions”. The infrastructure is already lined up to provide a unique sessionId. My plan is to use this sessionId(string), to set the room name.

1.) Does this approach scale? For example, lets say we have 1000 private (1 on 1) sessions going at a time, that’s reliable? Is it because 1 on 1 is p2p? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

2.) If it’s scalable, then why the hell is it free? Sounds too good to be true! :wink:

3.) In the code example you set the domain as meet.jit.si. I have seen success setting the domain as follows: meet.jit.si/${sessionId} and then setting the room name as something more friendly:

roomName: ‘This is a friendly Session Name’

Is this a valid approach? Or should I keep the domain as just meet.jit.si and set the roomName as the sessionId.

4.) The top left watermark is a little big and I do really want to give you guys a shoutout. Would it be acceptable to set the SHOW_POWERED_BY attribute on the interfaceConfigOverwrite only instead? If not, I totally understand!

Thanks for your time guys!

Yes, it is. But if you don’t trust us or our word or when you start seeing problems you can always switch to your own deployment.

It is. You can check https://jitsi.org/user-faq/

That is an option. Or you can do domain meet.it.si and room name to be “your-servicename”-${sessionId}. Appending your service name identifier will make it easier for us to recognize traffic if we debug something.

As mentioned here: https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/blob/master/doc/api.md#jitsi-meet-api
The only thing we ask for in that case is that you please DO NOT remove the jitsi.org logo from the top left corner.
On the other hand, if you host your own deployment you can remove and add whatever you want.

I want to build Jitsi functionality into an enterprise application running on web, and mobile in the future. I was looking for a truly open source tool so that I did not have to start from scratch when building based on webRTC. I cannot show logos on top or ads after meetings for my purpose. when you say “own deployment” which git projects are you referring to that I can use, and what would I be missing out on? I don’t mind hosting on our AWS servers for backend. I am confused what I need to do on the front-end? This would be a great help.

You can deploy all the components following this guide: https://jitsi.github.io/handbook/docs/devops-guide/devops-guide-quickstart

Then you can start with playing with interface config, turning off stuff and changing logos.

thank you, so this excludes the IFrame API

“You can use the Jitsi Meet API to embed Jitsi Meet in to your application. You are also welcome to use it for embedding the globally distributed and highly available deployment on meet.jit.si itself. The only thing we ask for in that case is that you please DO NOT remove the jitsi.org logo from the top left corner.”?

What do you mean that excludes the IFrame API?
If you make your deployment, you can still use it through the iframe API.

My question is around their APIs / code. What is open source? They are asking that we not change the logo in their iframe. What type of request is this? I want to follow all the rules even if I have to use a method to build that takes longer. I also need flexibility to change the look and feel of my site. Perhaps the iframe method isn’t right anyway. I’d appreciate your guidance.

You can change the logo on your deployment, without a problem.
If you are using the meet.jit.si infrastructure, that we are paying for, the ask is not to remove branding.

Hi @damencho Sir, I have some questions related to Jitsi meet API (embedded one). Is there any compatibility issue with Jitsi meet API. Will I face any problem if I run my web Appilication (which has embedded jitsi meet api) on any specific chrome/mozilla/ version.

Like Jitsi meet API is supported only above version of chrome version x.y (anything)

And please reply same for any android version compatibility issue. if exists. will jitsi work if I code for android below any specific version for example android 4.4.

Thanks in advance.