External > Internal Jitsi only works after restarting Jitsi Service

After lots of headache I was finally able to get Jitsi-meet working over the internet with Jitsi behind a NAT.

It is going like this: Internet > Firewall/NATs > HAProxy LB > Jitsi-Meet running jetty.

My only issue right now is that external callers only works if I restart the jitsi-videobridge service after the server reboots.

If i reboot my Jitsi server (hosting Meet, Jicofo, Videobridge etc), i am able to do a conference with people on the internal network, but External people going through the NAT do not. If i hop onto my server at this point and “sudo systemctl restart jitsi-videobridge”, wait a minute for it to start back up, then I am able to call in from an external address. It is like the initial startup of the videobridge is not referencing or seeing the org.ice4j.ice.harvest.NAT_HARVESTER_PUBLIC_ADDRESS= section in the sip-communicator.properties file.

Has anyone had any issues like this before?

Are you using latest stable or unstable jvb?
The latest jvb has systemd specific unit file and should startup after network is up:

But maybe other constraints can be specified …
If you are on stable maybe worth trying the unstable one.

I am on stable right now. Is the startup after network a change between stable and unstable?

Yep, stable still do not have that systemd change, but I hope we will have it next week. But if you test with unstable and experiment with it, a change can come up with the stable update if the current doesn’t work for some reason for you.

Is there any way i can just add that into my current stable version, since it is just a service change? I only see that service file here: /run/systemd/generator.late/jitsi-videobridge.service

And the service file in init.d does not reflect the same.

You can copy the unit file from the repo https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-videobridge/blob/master/resources/install/debian/jitsi-videobridge.service
And I think file should go in /lib/systemd/system and you should be able to do:
service jvb status
service jvb restart

Actually I’m having exactly the same problem as described above.

Installed jitsi-meet yesterday on a fresh debian10.
jitsi-videobridge2 version 2.1-197-g38256.

No video from external connections until I do a manual restart of jitsi-videobridge2.
And yes, I see the line “After=network.target” in jitsi-videobridge2.service.

Rgds Stefan

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I too am stuck on this.