External Chat Client Integration


We have self hosted Jitsi servers and we are using it to host webianrs on various subjects for our employees.

In this setup there are 5-6 participants (presenters) who actually join jitsi meeting where they can interact with each other and share presentations. All other participants ( viewers ) join through a website where RTMP stream is published through CDN.

Everything works smoothly with more than 500 participants joining concurrently to view these webinars.

The only challenge that we are facing now is that the viewers who are watching these webinars do not have a way to interact with presenters. We would like these viewers to have access to some chat application which is also visible to presenters of the meeting. The presenters then can take queries through these chat messages.

Is there any way where inbuilt chat within Jitsi can be accessed on external web application or is there a possibility of setting up external XMPP chat client which will join XMPP server exposed by Jitsi in the same room where current meeting is going on.

This is exactly similar the way Jitis Community Call is hosted except that we want to host it on our own servers than on Youtube.

Thanks in advance for the guidance.