External API kick function


Is there a way to use the external API to kick a user out? I’m trying to develop an application where a host can choose to kick a user from the room via a button outside the Jitsi iframe.

If this is not an available API functionality (I couldn’t find it in the API documentation), why not? There are other functions controlling various behavior in the room.

I know that this is possible using lib-jitsi-meet, but I was hoping to not have to reimplement the entire UI and use the great work that’s been done on the basic UI elements.


There is no such function in the API.

Thanks for the confirmation! Do you know if there is a structural reason for that, or if it’s something that may be added in the future?

It can be added.

Hi @damencho . Is this function added to external api? I am trying something similar but could not find a way to kick user out of a conference using external api. Please help. Thanks!

Nope, it is not there and I’m not aware of someone working on that.

@damencho … I am not able to see timer on conference room. Is there some setting that I am missing. I am using external API.
And thanks for your previous reply.

I have opened a pull request to add this, but it has not been reviewed yet.

Meanwhile, you can make a participant removed from the participant side using something like api.executeCommand('hangup'). However, the UX is not nice as when someone is actually kicked out.

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Can you please share the step on how can I build the external_api.js after picking this commit?

Does that mean in the api instructions for kickparticipant actually are just there as a thought, but it does not actually exist? IFrame API · Jitsi Meet Handbook

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I think so, it is not the first time that I find things in the documentation that are obsolete (example: jitsi pc, which is intermixed with base jitsi) or sketches of possible incorporations.
I hope they respond and it is with good news.
In the same way, I appreciate their work

New Update #7691. Fixed!
More info: release list.