External Api for mobile application

Do we have external api for mobile application as we have for web platform to enable or disable multiple options.
Thank you

There is mobile SDK you can use: https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/blob/master/doc/mobile.md

@damencho thanks for your response but In Jitsi Meet External API we have so many event that we can make use of like ones below

  • avatarChanged
  • incomingMessage
  • outgoingMessage
  • displayNameChange
  • participantJoined
  • participantKickedOut
  • participantLeft
  • videoConferenceJoined
  • videoConferenceLeft
  • videoAvailabilityChanged
  • videoMuteStatusChanged
  • readyToClose
  • suspendDetected

can you guide me how to listen these events in android and ios through sdk. As i go through your link i came to know getListener() function but how to listen all those above events though JitsiMeetViewListener .

And one more thing where can i find all the feature flag list in JitsiMeetConferenceOptions() ?

Those events are not yet available through the SDK.

@saghul @damencho can you guide what should i do ? Are you planning to add these events ? When can we expect the updated SDK? Till then what should i do now if i want to access those events . My application scope need to have those events.

I’m afraid the answer to all those questions is “we don’t know”.

what should I do till then ? Any suggestions or ideas ?

I have kind of the same question, I need to query the call status between 2 users from rocketchat server (to implement status “Call busy”, “Call missed” )

Are there any available API or I need to implement myself?

I’m sorry, the only answer I have is “wait”. Most of those events (the ones that apply to mobile too) will be implemented, it’s a matter of scheduling.

Jitsi doesn’t do any scheduling, I assume RocketChat is generating URLs and sending them to each participant, so you’ll need to keep the state and implement this yourself.

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@saghul can you give me an expected time line ? I really need those features and out team’s stuck at this

Sorry, I can’t. I’ll see if I can schedule some of this work in our next sprint ( a week from now).

@saghul can you please tell me what features are you planning for immediate future releases (within a month’s releases)?

Sorry I cannot share that.

@saghul Is there any other way to decide how should I proceed further, because I really really need to features and me, my team are stuck and project is at stake. What do you suggest?

Hi @Charles_Smith,

Would you be able to produce the code yourselves and contribute it back to Jitsi, with some guidance? My schedule is pretty tight, and I’m taking some days off this week, so I can’t really work on this myself.

I can, however, guide you (or someone in your team) through what needs to be done. The work involves a bit of JavaScript, Objective-C and Java.

of course. How soon can we start ? and where to start ?