Extend Jitsi Meet app with autostart and autojoin - possible?

Hello everyone,

I am evaluating using Jitsi for a school. We have the challenge that we need to have different classes together in quite big rooms and would like to use Jitsi in order to enable the students to concentrate on their class.

I was thinking about the following and was wondering if this is feasible with Jitsi and maybe some help to get started: every student gets a cheap Smartphone (can be Android or iOS) with a headset (3,5mm, USB or maybe Bluetooth). To make it easy for them, and to avoid issues, they would not get the sceen lock code for the smartphone.

So to make this work I would need to extend the Jitsi app with a function to start automatically after the smartphone is started and to also automatically join to a predefined Jitsi server and conference.

Furthermore it would be great to directly have a possibility to mute/unmute from the lockscreen. At least on a Samsung Galaxy S10 with Android 12 the entry of the Jitsi-App on the lockscreen needs to be expanded first in order to mute/unmute. This is not a must-have but would make it easier for the students if it would be expanded directly or even have quite big buttons for this since it is a function they will need very often.

A removing/blocking of the leave-button on the lockscreen would also be great, otherwise maybe an option that automatically rejoins to the predefined conference which would also be good in case they loose connection to the conference.

While thinking about this solution I also thought about that it would be great if the mute/unmute could be toggled from the headset directly. I am afraid that the mute/unmute-button on a headset only toggles the mic on the headset itself and does not give any information about this to the device. If someone has other experience it would be great to get some input on this since that would enable the students to control the volume and mute/unmute from the headset directly. The mute/unmute only on the headset would not be sufficient since the teacher would surely need to mute everyone from time to time.

So to sum it up the main and first question for this is: can the Jitsi-smartphone-app be configured/adjusted to make it start automatically after starting the smartphone and to also join a predefined conference on a predefined (own) jitsi server?

Thanks a lot for your help!