Explain how to use screensharing from jitsi-meet-electron-utils

Can you please better explain how I would utilized the screensharing provided by this package in my Electron app?

The documentation is very sparse and it doesn’t clarify how or where this utility can be pulled in.

Trying to pull it in as a require() doesn’t work; the package isn’t found after it’s built even though it’s in the node_modules.

Is this meant to be pluggable into a custom Electron app?

Yes, other than the example in the readme, you can check how it is loaded in https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet-electron. All the utils from that package are used there.

The example in the readme is both incomplete and doesn’t work. It appears when trying to build this w/electron the package is configured in a way that ALL of the modules are required; even though I’m only importing the screen sharing method, I get errors about Wifi, and alwaysontop, for example.

@methodbox did you get it figured out? If yes would you please post the code. Thanks!

Maybe this will help you: