Expert to scale jitsi & Ionic mobile App integration is required (Edtech)

We are educational startup and have self-hosted Jitsi server (AWS) and connected to our ionic app through JITSI MEET IFrame APIs.

Authentication is performed using JWT

Further, we have the following requirements:

Server Side:

  • We have scalability requirements of servers to handle classes of 50-60 students (Not all students simultaneously need to share their video ).
  • Remote control capability needs to be enabled between faculty & students.
  • Some clients will be connected as a streaming service.

APP Side
App is developed in ionic framework and utilizes JITSI MEET IFrame APIs.
But from begining we are facing following issue:

  • Iframe is unable to load on some android phones
  • Bandwidth estimation is wrong and jitsi disables the video
  • It does not support switching camera and other native requirements

We have looked upon Plugins of JITSI but have unique requirement that we want to hide the meet and show other stuffs still keeping the connection live (something like setting display:none of iframe).
This is required to be custom added in plugins to enable us to use it

We are looking for expert in above-mentioned domain and situations


We have also develop educational virtual classroom management solutions including web, native android and iOS apps.

All things are working perfectly and smoothly😊

If you need readymade with rebranding then I can provide you.

Let’s discuss in private conversation.


sent you a PM

Hi Bhawin, I am looking for modification and module development in my self hosted apps
can you share your details to me so that we can meet.
PH: +91-8839170248

@Vishal_Pathak Yes. I sent email

What is your contact information?