Experience with Starlink

Hi, I am participating in a course that is using meet.jit.si. I am on Starlink. I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing issues. Jitsi cuts out often, etc.

My wife and I are both on MS Teams for large portions of the day and that platform does not cause issue. It is crystal clear and always works.

Jitsi tends to drop video often and voices get muffled.

Is there any way that I can tune the settings to improve my use of this tool?

Maybe issue with latency? Not sure, but my speed is constantly 150+ down and 25 + up.

Welcome to the forum.

I’d never heard of Starlink, so I looked it up. Here’s a quote from an article written a few weeks ago:

“The main problems customers experience with Starlink performance are periodic outages—and to be fair, Starlink warned us about service interruptions. Starlink’s service outages are often caused by gaps in the satellite constellation.”

But you did say MS Teams works flawlessly for you, so…