Exit meeting notification

I’ve noticed on my meetings that when the meetings get large, the message that tells you when someone left the meeting doesn’t appear. At the end, once enough people have left, I start seeing messages again. Is there a configuration setting to control the size when exit notifications are not sent?

@roblefko1 Try playing with startAudioMuted in your config.js. This setting factors in for playing the join/leave sound. It could impact the notifications too:

The system actually still plays the audio notification that someone has left, bit the message is suppressed. This is important to me, because we often have training sessions where we say that if a person does not show up on time, that need to wait for the next session. If someone drops during the call, the message tells me there name, so I know that they were present and should be readmitted. It also helps gauge who missed which parts of the training. Without the visual message, it is difficult to know which participant left.

Is anyone else experiencing this same behavior about exit notifications?