Exception Thrown in middleware.js when Participant Joins

I just updated to the latest stable Debian packages. When a participant attempts to join a conference the conference crashes with the following exception thrown:

Logger.js:154 2020-05-01T21:41:41.452Z [features/base/redux] <Object._listener>:  TypeError: Object(...)(...).getId is not a function
at Object.listener (middleware.js:234)
at Object._listener (StateListenerRegistry.js:100)
at g (redux.js:220)
at index.js:14


The specific middleware.js file mentioned in the exception is react/features/base/participants/middleware.js

I’m getting this issue too. This is the line erroring in middleware.js:

const localParticipantId = getLocalParticipant(store.getState).getId();

And in the StateListenerRegistry.js file, it’s failing for this selectorListener:


If any of that helps at all.

Did you guys have any success? I’m having it as well but when a user hangs up.

I’m using latest Chrome on Ubuntu 19.10

This is fixed in master, so it will be part of the next stable release.

@saghul is the current version of Jitsi uploaded not working due to this error then?
When will your next version be released?

For me the current version throws the exception when secure domain is configured.

I don’t know when we’ll make the next release. At any rate, this sshould not be a fatal error. Do you see otherwise?

For me it’s a fatal error when secure domain is configured: the moment a second person joins the meeting the application “gray screens” (the “Something went wrong” message).

I see. @damencho do we know when a new stable releasse is due?


I see these log in browser.0.txt inside the jibri and due this I think recording not working, so please if possible let us know next release.

Thank you for you hard work guys, and be safe!