Excalidraw Newer Version is available

Hi , Excalidraw newer Version is available and seems like jitsi still having the older one , can anyone help me to get the new excalidraw working in latest jitsi and it would be also ok if someone can help me to locate the directories of core files of Excalidraw , so i can just try to migrate the stuffs

Our version is heavily customizes, so migrating is not that simple.

Why exactly do you need the new version? Just because it’s newer?

Hi Saghul,

latest version has a feature to upload image files over the canvas as well as improved & better UI.
We need this file uploading function for online teaching classrooms.

Why does Jitsi use a custom version of Excalidraw ?
Do you plane to push your customisation to the Excalidraw project to simplify future updates ?

Uploading images was already possible, but we disabled it because it relied on Firebase to upload them.

Great question!

We made it a React component we can embed, added the ability to auto-enable collaboration, and added a bunch of options to be able to disable stuff we don’t want to enable.

Yes, we will be discussing upstreaming all our changes.

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so will it be possible get it back the uploading feature ?

Not in the short term. We need to dig into how we’d go about plugging some other storage mechanism, but there are data retention policies that would apply, so it gets tricky, for now we took the simple path of storing nothing.

This is a very interesting functionality and I hope there is a solution without having to use Firebase or some third party server to get it working. Now that I’ve got the whiteboard working, I understand how useful dropping images into the canvas would be, especially for productivity and education!

As it currently works, when you drop an image you can see it, but you cannot see participants images as circled in red.

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