Example or tutorial to install next to Nextcloud


I now did several hours trial and error to set up a jitsi instance next to an existing Nextcloud instance by using Nginx. Not successful, nor with install script or docker. Installation is working but Nginx config not.

I would like to use bother together by having 2 different sub domains. Nextcloud is running fine.

Is there any good example or tutorial available how to do this? I did not found any config on GitHub which worked for me.


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I second this question :slight_smile: as I am running into exactly the same problem. Got a running instance of NC on a VM, but I cannot get a different VM with Jitsi to play nice with it. Like MelBourne I am having trouble configuring Nginx. NC keeps running fine.

Hi Mel,

I managed to partly figure it out, on my setup at least… Hope it helps for you.
I have a nextcloud VM setup on lan ip, setup following carsten riegers tutorial
I have a Jitsi VM on lan ip, following the standard tutorials scattered around the internet.
I have two sub domains, domain1 for nextcloud and domain2 for jitsi. Both pointed to the same wan ip address
incoming connectiosn on ports 443 and 80 are automatically forwarded to the nextcloud vm as per tutorial of carsten, now in the /etc/nginx/conf.d folder of the nextcloud vm add a new file called jitsi.conf (or whatever you feel like)

Put in:

server {
server_name domain2.com;
listen 443;
listen [::]:443;

location / {
proxy_pass; (the lan ip of jitsi)

This redirects the request to domain2 to the jitsi server.
I have not managed make the certificate work yet, so that could be a problem when using the apps on the phones.