Example lib jitsi meet + docker jitsi meet

I’m trying to set up my dev environment.

My idea is to modify the example in lib-jitsi-meet/doc/example and to use, as videobridge+jicofo, the environment that I set up with docker jitsi meet.

If in example.js I set beta.meet.jit.si I can set up the call.
If I set with my end point, ie jitsi.myserver.com, I can’t.

In .jitsi-meet-cfg/web/keys/ I put my cert and key files created with my selfsigned ca authority.
I imported in my key chain the rootCA generated before.
At this point jitsi meet does not ask me to trust the website. jitsi.myserver.com is trusted.

When I try in lib-jitsi-meet/doc/example, I don’t see any error, but I don’t see the other clients.

How can I debug my environment?
Thank you very much

I tried with the installation of jitsi-meet on a virtual machine, without docker, following this guide

using the same service name, the same certificates and I can use the example in lib-jitis-meet/doc/example.

I don’t understand which difference there is in the two installations.
thanks a lot