"Everyone follows me" not working properly

I’m using my own instance of Jitsi, as a teacher to distance classes. I share my desktop so that students can see and hear from my presentation. However, even though I have “everyone follows me” checked, more than half of the attendants complain that the main screen switches to whoever is speaking at the time.

Any chance that I am doing something wrong? Access to the meeting is through moodle, with the use of tokens, which means I am a moderator. Students cannot check “everyone follows me” for their part.


Hi! I would like to rejuvenate the above issue, because I haven’t managed to solve it or find any reference to it. Any ideas/suggestions/advice would be more than welcome.

This is what we have done and seems to work the best. it’s not always 100%.

Have everyone muted and when they want to speak they have to press and hold the space bar. With the “everyone follows me” selected once you share your screen on the sidebar on the right with the thumbnails of everyone attending the meeting press and select your own thumbnail.

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