"Everyone follows me" is a "setting"?

Can it be set as default in a config file? Can’t find the config file equivalent.

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A quick search in source code suggests it should be “followMe: true,”. Can you test and confirm this ?

Currently you can’t cause this is a moderator privilege and he has to enable it explicitly.
But if you host your own instance you can do some hacks here …

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Can you please give some direction on which file(s) I need to edit to make this work? I can’t find the files mentioned here: https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/search?q=followme&unscoped_q=followme.

I am hosting an own instance, Linux Debian package. Currently the server is configured with secure domain.


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Please tell me what.

Any updates on this? Were you able to achieve this?


“everyone follows me” is not a setting. Because, well, if it was a setting it would have a specify a user that is the one who is followed. And that’s not possible generally.

So, basically I am trying to implement a live streaming feature with Jitsi on mobile, so i want to display only the first user with video pinned on screen. I am joining the other user’s with audio and video muted.
I want to pin the first user’s video so that everyone who joins later with their video and audio muted should be able to see the only user with video on screen, not their own empty tile.

if you develop an application it’s different. See for example this post

Thank you, looking into this.

Do you talk about to pin on the livestream or to pin for the meeting participants?

Pin for the meeting participants, I want everyone to see just the Host with the audio and video.