Everyone can starts meeting

I was trying meet.jitsi.si for use with my students, I’ve noticed that anyone can start the meeting even when I’m not present. This worries me because I used the option to schedule and the meeting is named after the school. This way I feel responsible for what happens if I am not present.
Is there any way to prevent them from starting the meeting before me?
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try to use moderated.jitsi.net instead (it’s the same service but started differently) but you will not be able to name the meeting with a simple name like your school’s (it’s not a good idea anyway)

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Everyone/anyone can use meet.jit.si. So any student can start a meeting, at any point of time…with any name…

Even if you use moderated jitsi, they still can use the older meeting, with meet.jit.si…so I’m thinking worrying doesn’t help…I mean it may not be your responsibility…may not…