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Hello there,

I’m looking for some documentation for MUC events, since I need to implement chat history and I found no easy way of doing it.

So, I found the prosody modules API ( and want to explore its possibilities, there should be a way that meet my needs.
However, I found no place with all possible events (specially MUC events, so I can hook them), is there any kind or documentation in this regard?

Thanks in advance.


Hi I am also looking for this.

Primary purpose is to build analytics dashboard especially from user point of view.

Is there any way to capture user stats such as upload/download bandwidth of a user, amount of jitter / packet loss a particular user faced, type of user agent ( chrome, firefox or mobile app ).
These stats of every user can be seen by every other user in browser tile view hence I believe these stats are passed through Jitsi hence should be possible to capture at server level.
I could get participant list per room, conference duration of any specific conference through jicofo and jitsi logs. Using stats api I could get overall aggregated performance statistics such as jitter, packet loss, bytes sent received but could not find a way to capture this information at user level.

Is there any way to capture this information or I will have to write client side libraries or be dependent on third party software like callstats.


Did u guys found any document on this, to share?

This is tricky because events are strings fired using module:fire_event and responded to using module:hook, for example:

module:hook(" ... " , function(event)
	local origin, stanza = event.origin, event.stanza;
	return ok;
end, -1);

Learn more about events.

You could search the Prosody source for module:fire_event and then hook to the events you want.

The source for the current stable Prosody is here.

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