EventEmitter memory leak detected. 11 conference.connectionEstablished listeners added

Hi @damencho ,
I noticed that when I am waiting for the moderator and the “Close” button, even if I press it, does not work, in the console I find these errors:

events.js:46 MaxListenersExceededWarning: Possible EventEmitter memory leak detected. 11 conference.connectionEstablished listeners added. Use emitter.setMaxListeners() to increase limit
at l (https://meet-preprod.vianova.it/libs/lib-jitsi-meet.min.js?v=139:1:114070)
at a.addListener (https://meet-preprod.vianova.it/libs/lib-jitsi-meet.min.js?v=139:1:116352)
at re.on (https://meet-preprod.vianova.it/libs/lib-jitsi-meet.min.js?v=139:10:49017)
at https://meet-preprod.vianova.it/libs/app.bundle.min.js?v=139:212:863341
at https://meet-preprod.vianova.it/libs/app.bundle.min.js?v=139:212:863561
at https://meet-preprod.vianova.it/libs/app.bundle.min.js?v=139:212:862959
at https://meet-preprod.vianova.it/libs/app.bundle.min.js?v=139:212:861235
at https://meet-preprod.vianova.it/libs/app.bundle.min.js?v=139:212:860130
at https://meet-preprod.vianova.it/libs/app.bundle.min.js?v=139:212:859978
at https://meet-preprod.vianova.it/libs/app.bundle.min.js?v=139:212:858483
at https://meet-preprod.vianova.it/libs/app.bundle.min.js?v=139:212:855264
at https://meet-preprod.vianova.it/libs/app.bundle.min.js?v=139:212:854434

Is there any management of the Listeners that could lead to this “problem”?


It is the first time I see this … so I’m not sure.

Do you have any modifications added to jitsi-meet?

Yes, but regarding the Welcome Page, not the entrance system in the rooms …

I get the same problem and i am using lib-jitsi-meet low api as following:

  • Click “Start” button => create a new jitsi room (room-name = guid)
  • Click “Leave” button => destroy video/audio tracks + detach them + call room.leave()

This warning occurs if i create and destroy rooms multiple times.

I guess i don’t exit the jitsi room in the correct manner.


Could you please describe step by step what you’re doing, because I was not able to reproduce. Does this happen on meet.jit.si or only on your instance?


I wrote you pn

Hi, I use my instance.


Are there any news?

Hi everyone,

I return to the subject trying to better explain the anomaly.

Everything happens when you fall into the exception:

_onConferenceFailed (err, … params) {

precisely in the case:


I hope I have helped you understand

How do you repro, just open a room and wait for moderator and at some point you have the leak detected error? Or do you need to do something else to get into this state?

Yes exactly. I am waiting for the moderator, when viewing the WaitForOwnerDialog.js …

If you want to try it directly, you can go to:

I can repro it, I will look for a fix so we can get in the next stable for next week.

Perfect, thank you very much.

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Thank you @damencho !
this change solved the problem.

Can I ask you something?

In your opinion if I left the code in the JitsiConferenceErrors.AUTHENTICATION_REQUIRED case of conference.js (contrary to what you did) because I need it to be there, is that a problem?

The code I dropped?
I dropped it cause it is duplicate and sends two iqs to jicofo for the same thing.

Yes exactly, I’m using that channel to make the room moderator start up (in my system the rooms are personal …)

For example Damencho can start room “1234” and Marco can’t …

I use the AuthHandler.requireAuth (room, password); to get to the dialogs and bypass them …

Can you give more details … As I still don’t get it. The code is correct as it is, we try to get rid of the non react code as AuthHandler and that will go away …
Are you modifying the jitsi-meet code or are you plugging an extra js in the page?