I would love to host events online. (not just because of the virus :slight_smile:)
Therefore I would love to have kind of a user / session management.
My use-case:
Let’s say, I have 50 users. I would love to have a center meeting room, lake an hallway/ kitchen area… like in real. From there I can ask for topics und make a label over every room. like room topic a, room topic b… etc.
I could then go into a room, where 12 users are waiting / discussing whatever. I could facilitate this with an extra whiteboard stuff and I could spilt the group apart into 3 groups so the can share a lesson and what they learned. After a timespan the come back to the topic room. The user also can decide to leave an go back to the kitchen to chat with someone who is also in there.
before lunch I could ring a bell, bring everybody back into the kitchen and wish a nice lunch.

Its a basic idea in my head… but I would love to realize an Online OpenSpace, Online World-Cafe etc… collaborative formats with a lot of sharing. because holding connection is important for commitment.