Etherpad not working

I installed Etherpad. but its showing 502 Bad Gateway error

nginx setup

config file
etherpad_base: 'https://meet.domain/etherpad/p/',

I open the port also


aws security group

curl: (7) Failed to connect to meet.jitsi-domain port 9001: Connection refused

Is etherpad running?


  1. Is it listening on port 9001?
  2. Are you able to directly access etherpad on port 9001(not via jitsi)?
  3. Are you on Ubuntu-18?

ubuntu 20

looks like error

2021-05-14 17:02:04.704] [ERROR] server - Error: listen EADDRINUSE: address already in use

When I say access, open it in browser using: http://domain:9001

And what is the output of: netstat -antp|grep 9001

output of: netstat -antp|grep 9001

there is no out put

This site can’t be reached

No output. That means etherpad is not running or not running on port 9001.

Stop and start etherpad.
Then access it on port 9001.

If that works, it should work via jitsi too.

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Great. I did stop and start. now domain with port working ( http://domain:9001)

inside jitsi it coming like this

It’s working now. Thank you very much @Prashanth


Now you may remove 9001 from firewall, if you want to access etherpad only via jitsi.

Okay. Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

@Prashanth one more question.
How other participant can see the host shared document

By clicking on shared document, just like how the host did.

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Nice. Thanks again. :slightly_smiling_face: