Etherpad loses focus


I installed a jitsi+jibri+etherpad server. Both the docs, the video

and this forum were very helpful, so thank you very much for this awesome software and community. Most friends were impressed that open source videoconference was better than the commercial alternatives in almost every possible way.

In particular, I followed these instructions to install etherpad-lite:

Everything works with few users, but I just tried etherpad in a busy conference and it kept losing focus all the time. Apparently, every time a user becomes the speaker, I am kicked out of the document, which makes it unusable.

Has anyone experienced the same?
Is there a solution?


I finally moved etherpad to its own subdomain, with its own nginx config file and let’s encrypt certificate.

Even when etherpad-within-jitsi does not lose focus, you have to switch between conference and pad. However, if they are installed in separate subdomains, you can open both, and switch at will.


Hello, can you share your configuration? I have configured etherpad separately with nginx, as a subdomain name, but others will go back in a second when they enter.