Etherpad integration in Jisti for ios application


I have Jitsi code compile of older version around 6 month older. I need to implement etherpad in my jitsi version . Please guide me how can I achieve this.

Update to the newest version, this is already implemented.

I have older version of Jitsi which I compiled and created Jitsi framework, which I am using in my native application. I did the following steps

  1. Took etherpad folder from your latest repository and replace that with my older version of jitsi code.
  2. When I run the jitsi code , it run successfully and on the menu options I can see the Open shared document button.
    But problem is when I click on this button nothing happen. Is there any special thing I need to do ?

For your Information:- Etherpad is integrated on my local server. I also tried your live app. I replaced your server url with my server url , at this point etherpad is working working fine in your live app.

But not in the jitsi code that we compiled.

Please guide.

Update. I can’t support frankenbuilds where you copy and paste a directory and hope for the best, sorry.

Oh… OK Saghul one last questions. When I create framework by compiling the code, I get jitsi.framework. Please tell me how can I reduce the size of the framework. Currently I am getting it around 130MB size on xcode 11.2.
What files I can remove just to use jitsi.framework for IOS application.

Thank you

Are you using bitcode?

YES, bitcode is enabled

Then that is the expected size. Don’t worry about it, Apple will thin it after uploading.