Etherpad error

Pls help me with this . Icons not loaded

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Same issue at my end as well, installed the latest version of jitsi and etherpad as per document. but couldnt see the icons.

I’m having the same issue in the latest docker-jitsi version.

I’m also having the same issue with this. Also, the icon for etherpad doesn’t show in the room.

This resolved it for me on Ubuntu 20.04

sudo ln -s /path/to/etherpad-lite/src/static/font /usr/share/jitsi-meet/static/

thank you .but still not working… getting same result

the solution provided by psymin worked for me (Ubuntu 18.04)

Find where /static is being served from on your nginx/apache server. Check the web server logs and the web server config.

Copy the etherpad-lite/src/static/font directory to that location.

Not the best solution, but it should work.


Is there any workaround for docker-jitsi-meet? where should we copy /path/to/etherpad-lite/src/static/font / file contents in docker jitsi meet?


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