EtherDraw integration not working

I have integrated etherdraw ( into jitsi meeting using this link , on selecting the open shared documents the etherdraw webpage is loaded and we see this error “Loading existing sketch click and hold to access the colour wheel” with blank screen with all the buttons on the top.

to check the etherdraw installation i opened up the port 9002 on my jitsi server and checked on the webbrowser myjitsi.ipaddress:9002 and it works perfectly.

I see the issue only when it is called from Jitsi meet. Please can you help me in resolving this issue.


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Did you also try to setup Etherdraw as a plugin for etherpad? Thats how someone on github did it for their docker-jitsi-meet fork, see this commit:

I have this partially working. With Etherpad + ep_draw integration.

At some point I’ll try just using draw since a shared whiteboard is really all I’m hoping for.

It might help if you enable SSL in Etherdraw using the same cert and FQDN as the jitsi instance.

If you get it working, please let us know :slight_smile:

I have the same issue. Stuck on “Loading existing sketch click and hold to access the colour wheel”. But for me it’s the same behavior if I start etherdraw from Jitsi or if I access it directly.

Did anybody managed to solve it ?

Two things that can be checked here :

  • Settings.json of etherdraw instance, Use mysql instead of dirtydb
  • Install etherdraw on a reasonable sized machine with sufficient RAM.