estimated bandwidth N/A


Hello all,

I get “Estimated bandwidth N/A” on (also on the latest stable version). is this normal ?




Yep as send-side bandwith estimation is enabled by default at the moment, this is normal. We have a ticket around to remove/hide the N/A when this is the case.


Hello Damian,

I come back to this issue because I’m not sure what you mean by ‘send-side bandwidth estimation’
is it the client-side bandwidth estimation ?


It is complicated to just say, “yeah it runs on the client”. We are preparing documents which will explain how does it work. So keep an eye for an announcement in the upcoming weeks.
The thing is that we were running with one type of bandwidth estimations and we switched to ‘send-side bandwidth estimation’ and then the incoming bandwidth is not available.


Ok thanks for the clarification.


Hello @damencho

Any news about this feature ? I don’t really get what send-side bandwith estimation actually means.
Many thanks to you.


With receive side bandwidth estimation the receiver (it could be a client or a server) does part of the calculation and therefore we have a value we can display. With send side bandwidth estimation the receiver sends reports about received packets and does not do any calculation, so we don’t have a value to display.

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Thanks @Boris_Grozev

One more question. Why there’s no calculation for send side bandwidth estimation ? is it RTCP limitation ?