Errors with Mobile browser enabling Video Blur & Camera Icon

When the jitsi is run in the Mobile Browser- Chrome on android, it gives the following issues:

  1. VIDEO BLUR if enabled, it stops connecting with camera(display blank & sometimes camera error) and also doesn’t allow to hangup or getting in full view mode. In simple terms it makes things hang.

  2. In default view (not in Full Screen Mode from the MENU Option), the Camera Icon doesn’t tap. I am unable to disable or enable the camera but it worked flawlessly in Full Screen Mode(I can disable and enable camera on tapping the icon)- Chrome on android.

  3. If Tokens are enabled, the Display Box to SHARE, DONT SHARE Microphone and Camera doesn’t show up. - Firefox on Android.

Don’t use browser…use app…otherwise nobody will be able to give any solution…use on ur own risk…jitsi-meet is not optimised for mobile browser at all

I agree. They should stopped mobile browsers integration and must not allow mobile browsers when they’re not concerned with Mobile support. Pushing to use App only making me disappointed with the team.

no…what i meant is, the mobile sdk is optimised for mobile. Mobile browser limits a lot of functionality, user experience is not good and user will run into performance issue. why are you so reluctant to use mobile app?

I have previously seen that team is not very much concern about mobile browsers optimizations and correcting issues. They forced to use App rather rectifying cross-browser compatibility issues. I also prefer using App and found better optimized connection there with flawless frame rates but I opted jitsi because it was providing both mobile browser and mobile app connectivity. With Mobile Browsers, most of the customers prefer to tap the link and connect with the browser instantly rather downloading the app first and especially those who use slow mobile data. On the Go if needed to connect with the customer, mobile browser connectivity is a feasible option. Here the customers don’t take pain to download the app first…they need on the go ready feature for the first contact.