Errors after updating to last version (stable)

I just see a WARNING message:

2021-04-12 17:37:34.150 WARNING: [472] [confId=5bcf350b6a031300 gid=56280 stats_id=Stanford-cL6 componentId=1 ufrag=1iefl1f33bm1h7 name=stream-4873e9c5 epId=4873e9c5 local_ufrag=1iefl1f33bm1h7] MergingDatagramSocket.initializeActive#599: Active socket already initialized.

but I don’t know if that’s what’s generating the error

There is something wrong here, your jvb is trying to establish sctp channel.

Not sure what is wrong … maybe try disabling sctp in jicofo and the bridge:

I am sorry for the time taken to answer you.

I added the

sctp {
enabled = false

as you suggested in jicofo.conf and jvb.conf as you can see here:


but I still have the same errors: