Error with video and microphone initial authorization

i’ve been invited to join my first jitsi meeting. Unfortunately I made a mistake as i connected and at first I didn’t give authorization to use microphone and video. It ended up that I couldn’t be heard, seen and couldn’t speak on the call. I just used the chat. There was a warning message of error cause i didn’t authorize the use of microphone and video and even if I did click on those icons on the screen they didn’t work and there was no way to unmute and turn on the video.
Now anytime i reconnect to jitsi i find the same problem and can’t use it.
How can I change the initial authorization? I couldn’t find a way to change it.

Looking for suggestions.

Thank you for your help.

This is a browser / operating system issue. Sometimes you can allow it by pressing an icon in the browser’s address bar.

What browser / operating system are you using?

I’m using chrome

If you are on Windows, check the privacy settings (I’m running a German version, so I am not sure how it’s called). You need to give access to the mic and camera.

Also check the little lock icon on chrome on the address bar.

I am using Chrome. My Microphone works, my camera and microphone are being accessed by the app, people can hear me, but my camera appears to be on mute. There is a camera icon with a line through it. I have checked all my settings on my hard drive and browser and they are all set to allow access. Please help :slight_smile: thank you


It did work. I checked the lock icon on the address bar, left side.
So i did click on the lock icon and i could choose to “allow” microphone and video.

Thank you very much you saved me!!!

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