Error with make command running jitsi meet

I need to run jitsi meet but after npm install if I type the command make dev as the doc says the prompt always give me this error:

enter image description here

It seems that does something wrong based on makefile and he don’t wants to find the scss files in the right places (/nodeModules/scss) but here C:\scss\scss oblivuoilsy with no results.

My background is node 12.19.0 - npm 6.14.8 - windows 10

I tryed unsuccesfully do:

npm cache clean --force
delete node_modules
delete package-json.lock
redo npm install

Nothing worth…can someone help me?

Welcome to the forum, @GiovanniGiampaolo!

I don’t believe you can build Jitsi (web) on Windows. You need a linux environment to build.

Thanks!! So, there is no option for windows?

No, Jitsi does not support development in windows.

Now, you can build the Electron app and Android app in a windows environment, but the actual Jitsi meet server needs a linux environment for development.