Error when screen sharing "More than 1 video track ! strange things may happen"

When starting screenshare during a meeting with 3+ participants others could not see the shared screen. When opening the console the following error message is shown:

modules/RTC/ <a._addMutedLocalVideoTracksToSDP TPC[2, p2p:false] there is more than 1 video track ! Strange things may happen !

I can image that this would be an error that “something” went wrong when switching from video to screen share, but the user is not informed in any way.

I was able to reproduce this error several times in this meeting. However, reconnecting resolved the issue and it did not occur afterwards. Curious if anyone has ever seen similar messages and if this could be related to something?


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Yes I am getting the same issue.

If you try with the provided example, and keep switching from shared screen and video, at some point it also fails to show the video.

is there any progress about that issue? I face with same problem.

I see that there are double outbound stream exist. Due to that, mute functionality also not works. second outbound stream can not be muted…

Not from my side atm. I have been seeing this issue a few times now but still haven’t been able to reproduce it consistently. Seems to be happening at random.

What is your Jitsi-meet version? I use stable/4857.

Currently 4966. We will upgrade this week to latest stable and I haven’t seen it happen yet based on tests on this version. Will report findings

Thank you. I will also report results as soon as we upgrade.