Error Screen sharing black "2.0.6865-2"


after i installed the jitsi version “2.0.6865-2” on my ubuntu 18.04. we have a problem to share the screnn.
with 2 participants the sharing works. but more then two users the sharing is black for the others participants.
then i installed “2.0.6865-1” again → everything works.

we use a second server wirth ubuntu 20.04., with this server and the version “2.0.6865-2” and everything works. more than two participants screen sharing is fine.

Thanks for your help.


Check the browser console for errors.
You probably want to stay on Ubuntu 20.04 anyway because 18.04 lacks some dependencies that newer versions of Jitsi need.

I will install ubuntu 20.04.
How i mentioned, with installation “2.0.6865-1” everything is ok.

Thank you very much.

Are you running in some weird combination between stable and unstable repo?
2.0.6865-1 had never reached stable.

sorry, i installed “2.0.6826-1 (stable)”. i wrote the wrong number. with this version everyting is ok with ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

Thany you again for your help!

Do you see any errors in js console in the browser?

At the moment i can’t see the error because the version 2.0.6865-2 is not installed. The server is in use now.