Error page when strict network policies prevent participant from connecting

To provide the optimal video/audio quality in group calls, UDP10000 need to be opened.
In practice, some organisations have strict firewall policies preventing users from joining a call. I am fully aware that this is nearly impossible to resolve, but in this topic I am more curious how Jitsi informs participants.

Let me provide an example:
When a user has a strict firewall in place and tries to connect they receive a generic error showing them that a new attempt will be made in x sec. (see screenshot)

I am curious if it is possible to modify this screen to inform the user that it will never work due to their network configuration and they might need to contact their IT-support desk with details about this issue.

By showing this screen users will just continue to reconnect and become frustrated and give up after 20 attempts. I think it would help if they are immediately informed about the issue with supporting information to resolve it themselves (or their IT support).

Curious if there is a solution for this or if this was ever discussed.

Actually that can also be indications for a problem with the backend, that’s why there is a reload.

Reloads are for errors from which there is no recover. For example you are on shard A and you all got that error, the shard in the meanwhile is marked as unhealthy no conference will go there, so when your page reloads you all land on a healthy shard and there was just 15-20 seconds of interruption.

You can add a turnserver listening on TCP 443 to avoid having this situation.