Error maximum call stack jitsi kubernetes

hi all,
I’m developing an app using lib-meet-jitsi and I’m building jitsi on kubernetes. We made jitsi run well, but when trying to confer up to 150 minutes. The console experienced a maximal call stack error, and the user was kicked out. Guess what’s wrong with my jitsi configuration?

Can you copy and paste the logs here? I can barely read them in such a small image.

Hi @saghul , sorry for that. I will sent large image. I cannot copy the logs. Because need testing 150 minute. Will paste the error if already testing again. The error is the error is Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded.

The traceback seems to originate outside of lib-jitsi-meet. What chunk of code is the failing one? Check by clicking on the file and line in the console.

Okay, thanks btw. Let me investigation first.