Error installing letsencrypt on ubuntu server

Hello everyone,
I am trying to setup my very first linux server. It’s an Ubuntu server and I am doing this to host my family video calls rather than have them using Zoom.

I have just installed Jitsi, and then I was trying to install Letsencrypt but there was this problem :

"Warning! Could not resolve your external ip address! Error:^
Your turn server will not work till you edit your /etc/turnserver.conf config file.
You need to set your external ip address in exernal-ip and restart coturn service.

So that is just what I did using
sudo nano -w /etc/turnserver.conf

Then I went ahead and rebooted the whole server.

But I still can’t load jitsi from a web browser by typing in my domain name.

Could someone please help me getting this to work?

Thank you in advance.

Well as silly as it sounds I had forgotten to forward the 443 and 80 ports in my router settings.

Hello, could you tell me how did you forward ports? I have the same problem when installing jitsi and I don´t know how to do what you did. Thanks!!

Forwarding the ports is something you do in you router’s settings.
You have to tell your router to point the necessary ports towards the local ip address of your Jitsi server.