Error in Prosody component warn Component not connected bouncing error for

I’m trying to connect between prosody and jtisi webserver, but it’s fail

this is log of prosody.
Can u help me?

There is no need to configure such a thing after the default installation steps. Why do you need it? Do you try a customized installation?

i’m trying to use Manual installation and after i install jitsi-meet from git, configure prosody. I think it connected but room is not created

Jicofo (focus) connects to prosody all right, but then it tries to contact a prosody component but can’t. You have to be aware that there has been a change in recent months to this connection. Before the component connection was done via a standard prosody component (port 5347), but in recent version it’s done via a proxy using a normal client connection (port 5222).
When in prosody config you have

Component “focus.yoururl.yourtld” “client_proxy”

the current way is used, you need the mod_client_proxy.lua module in your prosody plugins.

If you have

Component “focus.yoururl.yourtld”

it’s the old component connection. I’m not sure if this still can be made to work with recent Jitsi. If you are compiling everything from source it may not be a problem since everything will just be fresh from the press, but if you do a mix of old and new it could be.

So i pull mod_client_proxy version newest and config like u, it did not connect but when i add component_secret and delete “client_proxy”, “target_proxy” the error return like my post.

I don’t see where I suggested to remove component_secret. And well, the fact that you think necessary to inform me that when you do everything as you did, the same error happens is disturbing. I think that if you want a working jitsi-meet, use a pre-baked installation.If you want to learn, you may want to apply more home work.

yes, my first config use ‘component_secret’ and after u hint me,i deleted ‘component_secret’ and use ‘target_address’, ‘client_proxy’ but it did not connect.

I am facing bouncing error, and we tried manual install then replacing new config files with prev. Any help is appreciated if you help me finding a way.

Sorry, I can’t help you here.