Error handling in Jitsi Meet IFrame API - Streaming


I am using Jitsi meet iFrame API to stream to YouTube by calling executeCommand. In some cases it fails to stream and shows an error message on the Jitsi UI.

Is there any way to get a callback or execute some code on the client-side when the streaming fails?

Put another way I want to do something like this:

api.executeCommand('startRecording', {
    mode: 'stream' //recording mode, either `file` or `stream`.
    rtmpStreamKey: 'abc', //the RTMP stream key.
}).then((res) => {console.log("success")})
.catch((err) => {console.log("Handle error")});
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I haven’t tried it, but would you be able to detect that by listening to recordingStatusChanged event and inspecting the error attribute?

This looks promising! Will try it out. Thanks @shawn for the quick reply!!

Dear shwan, techiespace, could you explain how to code recordingStatusChanged listener and how to get error ?