Error getting camera and microphone permisssions

I’m trying to set up an iframe to hold a jitsi meet session. I’m using a url for the iframe something like: .

I’m getting errors of “Error obtaining microphone permission” and “Error obtaining microphone permission”.

Can I modify the URL to avoid these errors? Thank you!

I had this issue. Try adding this option to your iframe tag: allow="microphone; camera"

There is no need to do that as the iframe is created by the external_api and it take care of that:

Are you creating the iframe through the API?

Are you serving your content on http or https host?

I am using a low-code development platform called OutSystems. It has a widget for creating an iframe. I tried using the allow option in the URL as follows:
SyntaxEditor Code Snippet”“microphone; camera”""

But I’m still getting the errors. Other ideas?

Have you checked the link I sent, how to use the API?

You need to set allow attribute to the iframe.

damencho, thank you. But that is beyond my skill level and I don’t know how to do it in the OutSystems platform. Is there no way to solve this in just the URL? I also tried the URL in a digital signage app and I’m getting the same results.

Sorry I have no idea what is that. This is attribute you need to add to the iframe <iframe allow='camera; microphone'....
There is no way to add this as a param …

Can you inject js in that system?

Yes, if I knew js I could likely insert that instead of using the iframe widget. But I’d need some specific guidance as to the js. Willing to give it a try.

Untested, but this should get you going:

var link = “”;
var iframe = document.createElement(‘iframe’);
iframe.setAttribute(“src”, link);
iframe.setAttribute(“allow”,“camera; microphone”);
if(document.body != null){ document.body.appendChild(iframe);